These Weight-Loss Apps Are Worth the Download

If you have a smartphone, you may want to cue up your app store and get to downloading these weight-loss aids
Helpful Weight-Loss Apps

Give your diet plan an extra push with these weight-loss apps.


Weight loss has never been easy. So many foods are tempting, and even certain times of day are hard to handle. Sitting in front of the television and catching up on your favorite shows is not the same without a bowl of salty, crispy snacks in front of you. Going out on the weekends can be a struggle; fighting against all the food and alcohol that calls to you, knowing their caloric content is high, but not exactly how high.

These Weight-Loss Apps Are Worth the Download

Well, in this world of modern technology, there’s an app for that. Frankly, there’s an app for everything. However, when it comes to weight loss, there no longer has to be this epic struggle, this constant confusion about which foods are good and which should be off-limits. If moderation is your thing, there are apps that let you know just how much McDonald’s you can have or exactly which beers may be best for your evening. If you’re an exercise nut, there are apps that track your steps and encourage you along your journey. And for those who respond to tough love, there are personal training and weight-loss apps that have no problem telling you to suck it up, pass on the chips, and get your butt to the gym.

Weight loss methods are all dependent on your personality. Browse through our list of the best weight loss apps — all well worth the download — and see which one motivates you!

Fast Food Nutrition Calories

Let’s be real here. Even people trying to lose weight sometimes need to grab a quick bite. But your decision about what to order often changes drastically when you look at the calories. This app gives you all the nutritional info for your favorite take-out spots and restaurants, allowing for more informed choices.



Fooducate isn’t just about weight loss. After all, sometimes losing isn’t the hardest part: keeping the weight off can be the biggest hurdle. This app helps you lose the pounds, but also educates you about healthy foods and lifestyle choices.