Taylor Swift Spotted Shooting Music Video Outside London Kebab Shop

Taylor Swift was spotted filming a music video outside a kebab shop in northern London. The pop star was photographed wearing an oversized sports jacket, fishnets, and cheetah-print biker boots. Devoted fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts about the singer's presence in such a humble hangout.

"Looool Taylor Swift was in Kentish last night filming her new video in a kebab shop (crying face) wtf," @Holliepaige_ wrote.

"I just found out Taylor Swift filmed a video in a kebab shop at the end of my road and I have NEVER been so shook," @alicccce said.

"Can't wait to see it!!!!" tweeted Perez Hilton, who attempted to drag her on his podcast in October.

"I just hope the whole album isn't about her reputation, and isn't about the media and what people think about her, and isn't about trolls and Twitter, 'cause really ā€” that's not relatable," Hilton said in the podcast. "People don't give a sā€”."

Naturally, the T. Swift fandom came to her defense.

"Why? So you can find something else to hate on her for??" asked @poloroid_of_us.

"More like 'can't wait to criticize it and pā€” people off!!!!'" exclaimed @snakeyswizzle.

"No go away we don't claim you," wrote @larissastolear.

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