Super Bowl Sunday Should Be Renamed "Super Snack Sunday"


It is no secret that Super Bowl Sunday is a prime day for feasting. Between plays and passes, you're sprinting toward the dip and hurdling over chairs to get to chips. However, we would bet that you had no idea just how much snacking goes down on Super Bowl Sunday. To help you put your favorite "holiday" eating habits into perspective, researchers at MyFitnessPal, a leading calorie counting app, discovered through consumer research that game day snacking goes far beyond just a few handfuls of chips and a few dunks of dip.


Find out what the eating and drinking habits are true for football fans around America. 


Get ready for Super Snack Sunday

The peak day for many popular snack/junk foods

·         Last year, Super Bowl Sunday was the biggest pizza day of the year (up 67% from average).

·         It was the second biggest beer day (up 90% from average)right after July 4th.

·         It was also the biggest day of the year for tortilla chips (up 200% from average) and wings (up 327% from average).


Pizza and beer go together like peanut butter and jelly.

·         Consumption of pizza and beer over the course of 2014 was correlated at .85that's super high! If you're eating pizza, odds are, you're also drinking beer.



·         Interesting notes:

·         Pizza and beer both peak every weekend and drop during the week.

·         It's also fun to look at the places where they don't move togetherplaces where the dots fall far from the trend line in the scatter plot.

·         When are people eating  lots of pizza without beer? Halloween. It's the second biggest pizza day of the year, but beer is down from average.

·         When are people drinking lots of beer but not pairing it with pizza? July 4th and Thanksgiving.


Who's eating (and drinking) what?

·         Men drank 144% — almost 2.5xas much beer as women

·         But women drank 25% more wine than men.

·         Men ate 15% more pizza and 37% more wings.

·         Although 20-somethings have a bad rap for binge-drinking, people in the 21-30 age range drank 18% less beer than people 31-60.


·         The older you are, the less pizza you eat.

·         People over 70 eat 61% less pizza than people 18-20.


·         Do winners drink more than losers? Last year, people in Seattle drank 12% more beer than people in Denver. (But, looking at the year before, the trend doesn't holdthe losers ( SF ) drank 6% more than the winners in Baltimore.