Spice Up Your Summer Party Presentation Slideshow

The Juice Bar

Use a curtain rod or any longer bar and secure curtain hooks from the bar. From these hooks, you can hang baskets, filling them with various fruit or even shot glasses filled with fruit juice (or spiked juice).

The Pop-Up Brelli

You can hang whatever foods you like from this umbrella; churros and pretzels are a fun and visually appealing option.

The Branch

Find a nice, sturdy branch and pin espresso cups or small side-size cups on it. Fill with fries, candies or any small appetizer and have it be a centerpiece or roaming dish, 

Wheel Barrow

For a garden party, if you have a sleeping wheelbarrow, turn it into a refreshing station for guests by filling it with ice and using as an exciting raw bar.  Oysters look beautiful in this, or you can use it for drinks (bottles of champagne, wine, cider, beer).