SNL's Chicken Pot Pie Commercial Is The Best Spoof Of This Maine Restaurant's Blooper Reel

A real-life restaurant commercial blooper reel inspired a hilarious skit on the January 27 episode of Saturday Night Live. Guest host Will Ferrell and SNL favorite Kate McKinnon teamed up to play elderly couple "Dan" and "Donna" who are regulars at fictional restaurant Dickenson's Roadside Diner. The comedic duo attempt to say the same line correctly multiple times for a commercial for the restaurant but simply can't say it right.

The commercial, about a chicken pot pie "baked in a crispy pastry crust" was inspired by a Maine restaurant's blooper reel in which real-life couple Jack and Sonja Palmer could not correctly say the line "baked in a buttery flaky crust" while promoting Dysart's Restaurant and their chicken pot pies.

The actual blooper reel for Dysart's Restaurant was published online in December of 2012 and has since earned over 5 million views and become a viral hit many times over for the adorable way Jack Palmer can't say the line "buttery flaky crust." SNL's sketch is a less endearing and more funny-making take on the original.

In both videos, the husband is initially tasked with saying the line but cannot get it right. The wife indignantly volunteers to take over, only to deliver the line incorrectly herself.

However only on SNL does the line become a whole lot of gibberish. After blundering the line multiple times, Ferrell eventually delivers "baked in a crispy pastry crust" as "baked in a bus, in my buttery buddy bus" and oddly "nobody beats the Wiz."

You can check out the original below:

The spoof video received tons of laughs during the show and currently has 643,903 views online. Interested in a buttery flaky crust of your own? Check out the ultimate list of all the best pies, ever.