Twitter Offers Concern For Robot Fired From Supermarket

As technology continues to advance at hyper speed, people fear that robots will take over their jobs. But according to BBC program Six Robots and Us, there's now one less automaton for workers to worry about.

Fabio was recently fired from his position at Margiotta supermarket in Scotland because instead of assisting customers with shopping experiences, he simply scared them off. The robot — developed by Heriot-Watt University — started off on a good note, complimenting shoppers and giving them high fives.

But things went south when Fabio failed to provide helpful information to clueless shoppers. When asked, "Where is the beer?" he responded, "In the alcohol section," IFL Science reports.

So Fabio was sent to the sausage section where he was instructed to hand out wiener samples. But customers reportedly found this extremely creepy and avoided it at all costs. Ultimately, the store owner told the robo-worker it was fired. That's when it looked up and asked, "Are you angry?"

"That poor robot! How will he support his family now?" @Danukian1 asked.

"Does it have [unemployment] insurance?" @bullsvahin inquired.

"When they told the robot it was fired, the robot asked if they were angry. It was trying its best ok (crying emoji)," @sol_se42 tweeted with a GIF from Pixar's Wall-E.

"Why am I feeling bad for the robot?" @d_k283 asked.

Maybe Fabio can learn a bit from Flippy, the burger-flipping robot cook at Caliburger. It is one of the highest paying restaurant jobs, after all.