'90s Babies Rejoice: Reptar Bars Are Real, and They’ll Turn Your Tongue Green

This favorite fictional ‘90s snack is on store shelves in real life

You can snack like the Rugrats.

Nineties babies, it’s time to break out of your playpen and head to the mall. In the latest wave of ‘90s nostalgia, FYE has brought the Reptar Bar back to life, and people are freaking out accordingly.

The Reptar Bar, first a product of fiction from an episode of Nickelodeon’s iconic cartoon Rugrats, has appeared on shelves on-and-off since the show debuted in 1991. The chocolate bar features a milk chocolate coating and a green-tinted frosting in its center. And in case you were wondering — yes, it will turn your tongue green.




But the Reptar Bar isn’t the only Rugrats treat featuring everyone’s favorite dinosaur in stores. FYE is also selling the famous Reptar cereal. However, unlike in the TV show, this cereal isn’t round and green — it actually looks a lot like Froot Loops. But it does have some incredible packaging, and it promises monster flavor in every bite, which is good enough for us.

Now that we have the ability to buy Reptar Bars and Reptar Cereal, we’ve got a pretty bad craving for Urkel-O’s. Maybe that’s the next bizarre breakfast cereal to get revived…