real haunted houses

The Best Haunted Houses to Visit in Every State 

Take on real paranormal activity at these spots — if you dare.

While haunted house attractions are all the rage among those looking to get spooked, it takes a person with some serious guts to take on a place with a reputation for actually having real ghosts haunt the halls. What’s even scarier than a haunted restaurant or spooky hiking trail, however, is an actual home where spirits reside. Current or former homes with a ghostly presence take on an especially eerie vibe, given they often come with tragic and personal tales of suicide, murder, or heartbreak. So we sought out real houses that are actually haunted for the ultimate scare.

The Best Haunted Houses to Visit in Every State Gallery

In order to determine just which haunted houses in each state were the most worth visiting, we consulted our previous coverage of haunted places around the country. Using Yelp and TripAdvisor, we checked out what visitors thought of the most popular haunted houses we could find and made a determination from there of just which ones were the top “legitimately” haunted attractions that really made guests’ skin crawl.

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While there are some fantastic make-believe haunted houses throughout the country, we believe that a real haunting is an even better way to get your hair to stand on end. These real haunted houses are the best to visit in every state, if you dare.