Rapper Lil B Launches Vegan-Themed Emoji App

Let Lil B help you celebrate the vegan lifestyle and being kind to animals with the VegEmoji app

“Eat a healthy breakfast,” reminds Lil B’s vegan emoji app. 

Berkeley-born rapper Lil B (Brandon McCartney) has teamed up with Follow Your Heart, a Los Angeles-based vegan food company to launch VegEMOJI, a vegan-themed emoji app with stickers like, “Cool people are kind to animals.”

The rapper (also known occasionally as “The Based God”) is not himself a vegan, but told The Daily Dot that’s he’s “ashamed of eating meat” and that he was making an effort to consume fewer processed foods.

“I don’t normally like to align myself with companies, but I really support what they are doing,” Lil B told The Daily Dot. Follow Your Heart originally sought out the rapper, and he was eager to help promote the company, which is also responsible for the vegan spread Vegenaise.

“I wanted to do something to bring their company into pop culture awareness,” said Lil B.


Download Lil B’s VegEMOJI app through iTunes and consider using the stickers to chart your Beyoncé-approved vegan diet challenge