'Property Brothers' Book Tour Will Be A House Party

Drew and Jonathan Scott, the identical twin real estate savants best known from HGTV's Property Brothers, kick off their nationwide tour, "The Scott Brothers' House Party," on September 5 to celebrate the release of their new memoir, It Takes Two: Our Story

"Jonathan and Drew's House Party tour offers fans an uncensored look into their lives," according to the promotional website — but we wanted more.

The Daily Meal spoke with Jonathan Scott about the tour, the new book, and his favorite cities for food as well as a few kitchen do's and don'ts.

"This is not going to be your standard book tour," he told us. He wants his variety show of "all things brother" to feel like "a party with 2,000 of our closest friends attending."

Yes, there will be brother versus brother challenges, "worst room" fan submissions, digital room makeovers, and even magic performed by Jonathan, who is an illusionist as well as a construction contractor.

When asked what his favorite cities to tour in were, the older (by four minutes) Scott twin had nothing but great things to say about virtually everywhere. "I have memories in all the places we've been," he shared, but did throw out Nashville and Chicago as places that he found particularly fun. "One of the things we ask for in each city is must-do-things as audience suggestions."

However, Scott is more specific about his favorite cities for food. "Vegas goes over the top," he says of the cuisine in the town where he resides. He also loved the food in New Orleans. "Beignets oh my gosh," he marveled. "New Orleans blew me away."

We did ask for a few do's and don'ts from the design pro when it comes to redesigning your kitchen space.

"Don't put lipstick on a pig," he said. "Don't be hasty to go buy everything last minute, because that's when you'll pay the highest price. Look for deals."

And as for design do's he offered, "Do think of how you would use the kitchen. Do think of a seamless look. Go for an open concept. Think of how you can open sight lines to add value."

Scott wants Daily Meal readers to know that all tour-goers will receive a copy of It Takes Two: Our Story with their ticket purchase. He revealed that one his favorite stories in the memoir is one that you might not have anticipated. "It's an unexpected story of romance," he says of the chapter.

Tickets to the House Party Tour can be purchased here, and It Takes Two: Our Story can be pre-ordered through this link. Jonathan Scott can be followed on twitter at MrSilverScott and Drew can be followed at MrDrewScott.