Tomato and Basil from Perfect Pairings for Hosting a Golden Globes Viewing Party (Slideshow)

Perfect Pairings for Hosting a Golden Globes Viewing Party (Slideshow)

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Tomato and Basil

The juicy bite of a hearty roma tomato paired with the aromatic savory flavoring of basil is a classic mash-up. Converting them into an appetizer could not be any simpler — for this flavorful recipe, all you need is a toaster!

Chips and Salsa

It is almost an unwritten rule that chips and salsa should be at your party. Familiar and accessible, this classic combo is comfort food at its finest. Turn that salsa into a sweet fruit salsa with cinnamon pita chips and your guests will be nominating you for an award!

Spaghetti and Meatballs

Does it get any more classic and comforting than a hot plate of spaghetti and meatballs? Not only is it a perfect pairing, but it is super party-friendly because it can be prepared and served in big batches with the help of your slow cooker and a few Sternos.

Bacon and Eggs

We know what you are thinking: the Golden Globes are not a brunch-time event! But that doesn’t mean you can’t serve bacon and eggs at your party. Get creative and plate these super-easy (and majorly delicious) deviled eggs with bacon.

Alison J. Bermack

Chicken and Dumplings

A Southern staple, chicken and dumplings are regulars on any delicious table. You can creatively simplify this dish with this recipe that turns them into a two-bite, party-perfect appetizer.

Clare Barboza

Peanut Butter and Jelly

The ultimate in combos, peanut butter and jelly belong together and believe it or not, belong at your party. This delicious PBJ shake is a perfect creative dessert that will wow everyone’s taste buds

Steak and Potatoes

Stereotypically, when you hear steak and potatoes, you think of it as being a "man’s- man" type of meal. A full, hearty, and formal dish, it's not normally thought of it as a party food. But if you pair a delicious steak salad with appetizer-friendly potato croquettes you can consider this a remake of a classic worth doing!

Milk and Cookies

From the time you were small, milk and cookies have been paired together. Serving them as a part of your dessert bar is a simple and delicious way to enjoy an old favorite!

Bread and Butter

From dinner table staples to quick snacks, "bread and butter" pairings have been noted as the most basic combinations. To make this fun, try baking a bread that is a super simple dessert-like bread that can be used for dipping or of course, served warm with butter!

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Perfect Pairings for Hosting a Golden Globes Viewing Party (Slideshow)