Oprah Winfrey And Ellen DeGeneres Go Grocery Shopping, Hilarity Ensues

Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres hit up a grocery store to check out Oprah's new food line and it was just as hilarious as you would expect it to be. Neither Oprah nor Ellen have seen the inside of a grocery store in a while — Oprah admits that she has not been inside of one since Thanksgiving 2016! But the talk show hosts stormed a Los Angeles-area Gelson's Market to browse the refrigerated section for O, That's Good!, Oprah's food line, and to do some light shopping in a video segment for Degeneres' show.

"You know you have to bring your own bags, because of recycling," Ellen explains while pulling out two unusable Louis Vuitton bags (one of which is luggage) causing Oprah to crack up. While they browse fruit, Ellen invites Oprah to hold up two very hearty-looking melons so she can snap a quick photo of the Chicago-icon playing with her produce. Several vegetable innuendos follow.

While DeGeneres tries to embarrass Winfrey with a silly announcement involving dandruff shampoo and Odor Eaters, Oprah connects with fans viewing their shopping carts and handing out samples of her own food line, which is on display in the market's prepared foods endcap. "I like the cauliflower mashed potatoes," Oprah divulges, grabbing one of everything. At one point, both women lose their cart and try to stuff the ready-made meals into their impractical and over flowing Louis Vuitton bag.

In the second half of the video, Oprah and Ellen meet a customer and not only pay for her groceries, but offer to help her cook dinner for her family. The women venture to the customer's house, where they promptly take over her kitchen and manage to throw around the name of Oprah's food line as much as possible. Oprah also makes sure to stock the customer's fridge with as many ready-made dishes as it can accomodate.

We wonder if Oprah or Ellen know how to fill a healthy grocery cart for under $50.