Odell Beckham Jr. Gets Dinner From Rao's Delivered to His Hospital Bed

Italian food is the best way to heal

The Giants wide receiver had a delicious meal from Rao’s delivered to him in the hospital where he is currently recuperating from a fractured left ankle.

Odell Beckham Jr. may be in the hospital recovering from a fractured left ankle, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t enjoy good food while he heals. The football star reportedly ordered takeout from New York City Italian eatery Rao’s from his hospital bed.

Page Six confirmed that Rao’s head chef, Dino Gatto, personally sent the Giants wide receiver pasta, seafood salad, lemon chicken, roasted peppers, and eggplant parm. It sounds like a feast from the exclusive Manhattan eatery — one of the world’s 10 hardest places to get a reservation — is just what this pro footballer needs during his recovery time.


As if his time in the hospital couldn’t get any better, rapper Drake paid him a visit and the duo posted an Instagram together. We hope OBJ shared what he couldn’t finish from his Rao’s meal — but pasta is one of those eight foods that taste better as leftovers anyway.