Nicole Kidman Eats Bugs in New Vanity Fair 'Secret Talent' Video

In a nice floral dress and fresh lipstick

Some celebrities have slightly strange diets. It’s reported that Mariah Carey only eats Norwegian salmon and capers every day; Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie noshes on six-egg omelettes and apple cider vinegar; and Shailene Woodley allegedly eats clay. The latest celebrity to unveil her unusual appetite is Nicole Kidman, who apparently eats bugs.

The Big Little Lies star stars in the most recent video for Vanity Fair’s “Secret Talent Theatre,” in which she uses chopsticks to shovel creepy crawly critters into her mouth. Somehow the actress manages to keep a classy composure while sending four courses of “micro-livestock” down the hatch.

With grace and poise, Kidman first consumes live hornworms.

“Very moist, chewy. Can’t quite describe the flavor, but — I need a little water,” the 50-year-old said with a laugh.

The second course, mealworms, is “fruity” and goes down with ease.

“I’m telling you, I’d win survivor,” Kidman brags.

Next up is a dish of crickets, which Kidman describes as a “hairy nut.”

And lastly, dinner concludes with fried grasshoppers for dessert. Kidman gushes over how “amazing” and “exquisite” they are.

While this may seem a little odd, eating bugs actually isn’t all that uncommon.

"Just a little side note: Two billion people in the world eat bugs, and I'm one of them," Kidman explains in the two-minute clip.

In fact, you can try bugs for yourself at any of these 10 restaurants. Bon appétit!