NFL Legend Jerry Rice Still Eats How He Did as a Player

And now he’s promoting a No Fumble Fanny Pack

Jerry Rice

Widely considered to be the greatest wide receiver of all time – and often called the greatest NFL player of all time – Jerry Rice holds over 100 NFL records. The three-time Super Bowl champion also knows plenty about food, recently becoming a spokesman for Heluva Good, which recently released the No Fumble Fanny Pack. Released just in time for the Super Bowl. The fanny pack holds your chips, dip, beverage, and phone all at once. There'll be no intentional downing during this year's big game between the Patriots and Eagles.

Rice spoke to me for The Daily Meal not only about his work with Heluva Good, but his dietary preferences and what he has coming up. Jerry Rice can be followed on Twitter via @JerryRice.

The Daily Meal: What is your diet like nowadays compared to when you were an NFL star in the making?
Jerry Rice:
It's still the same. I like to indulge. I like to have fun, watching the game, letting myself go, but the next day I'm right back on my regimen. I said to myself that I was going to be one of those guys in football that is staying in shape. I didn't want someone to approach me and say, “Did you actually play football? Did you really play football?” (laughs) So I concentrate on what I'm eating and what I'm consuming, and I just stay active.

How much is it for you about exercise versus diet?
It's a combination of, because you can exercise all you want to, if you don't eat right then you're not going to get the benefits you want. You have the combine the two. I know my body well, and I know also at nighttime you have to be able to cut the snacking out. You've just gotta know your limitations. If you stick to a good regimen and what you put in your body, you're gonna lose weight.

Do you have a way of defining the way that you eat?
I'm more of a fish guy, but I like pasta too. I don't eat steak every day, but every now and then my body is craving it, and I'll get a steak or something like that. I think because I'm active and my body burns so good, I can eat whatever I want to eat, but you've just got to be able to have that control factor.

Were you on a special diet when you were on Dancing with the Stars?
No, I was not on a special diet when I was on Dancing with the Stars. On Dancing with the Stars you lost weight no matter what because of the stress and because you are dancing in front of millions of people. Sometimes you have to learn two dances instead of one, and it was a stressful time for me. I'm glad I did it. I was able to reach a whole different demographic of people. If they didn't know me from football, they knew me from Dancing with the Stars.


The No Fumble Fanny Pack will hold your chips, dip, and drink.

How did you and the Heluva Good team come together?
Well, because, when I played the game I thought I was “heluva good.” You get it? [laughs) Nah, I'm joking with you. Even after football now, with tailgating, I have friends and family coming over. The MVP is Heluva Good.

But they also implemented this No Fumble Fanny Pack. This is every man's dream. You have the chips, the dip’s in the middle, then you have your beverage, and you also have a slot for your phone too. Imagine that for a man, it's like a dream come true.

I'm surprised with all the "Jerry Rice & Beans" puns out there that this is your first food tie-in.
Nah, I think I've had other things also, but I can't think of anything offhand right now... This is ideal and I recommend it to anyone to make things real simple. Also with the No Fumble Fanny Pack, the thing is you look at all the stains and the spills, and you don't have to worry about that.

Besides Heluva Good, do you have any other upcoming projects that you can talk about?
My second book, 100 Years of Football, I've got that. I just did a thing with Bud Light, but my thing is I want to continue to work on the brand. I like going out to different companies and just talking to their teams about leadership. I think that this is why we were so successful over the years because we had great leaders and we had guys who came to work every day focused and they want to learn. If you've got great leadership, then the sky is the limit.

Is there something you wish more people knew about Jerry Rice? Do you have any surprising hobbies?
The NFL just came out with some show with guys showing off different talents. I can't sing. I can't play any instruments. I love playing golf. I like tennis, and those might be my hobbies, but I love people in general. I'm a Mississippi boy and I love when people come up to me and ask for a picture or an autograph. I never thought I'd be in a position where I could be a role model. Those are some of the things that people may not know about me, but if people get a chance to know me, they know I'm just plain Jerry.

So finally, Jerry, any last words for the kids?
I think, for the kids, always work hard, there are no shortcuts. Always give 100 percent. Listen to your parents. And surround yourself with positive people – that's the most important thing.

Or you could swing by a sports bar to watch the game.