New York Mets Outfielder Yoenis Cespedes Lets Staffer Drive His Lamborghini to Buy a Round Waffle-Maker

When he saw a table devoid of round waffles, Cespedes lent his Lamborghini out so a staffer could get the right waffle-maker
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A staffer for the Mets got to drive Cespedes’ new $400,000 Lamborghini on a mission to deliver round waffles.

A lucky New York Mets staffer was recently tasked with running a very important errand for Yoenis Cespedes, the Cuban outfielder who joined the team last summer.

When Cespedes arrived at the Mets training camp this week in Port St. Lucie, Florida, he was reportedly dismayed to find that the breakfast table only featured square waffles, which he had no interest in eating.

Cespedes prefers to eat only round waffles — something his team discovered when he willingly handed over the keys to his new, $400,000 custom black Lamborghini Aventador to a staffer and told him, in no uncertain terms, to return with a round waffle-maker.

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According to Newsday, the staffer took his borrowed whip to Walmart, which was out of waffle-makers, and then to Target, which did have waffle-makers. Upon the driver’s return, Cespedes got the round waffles he needed to continue his training.