White Chocolate Mocha Pound Cakes

New and Delicious: Week of December 5, 2016

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Christmas Cranberry Fruit Salsa

Rural Mom

Rural Mom

The cranberry is the fruit for wintertime celebrations, though it’s normally reserved for dessert and side dishes. Rural Mom is bringing this seasonal produce to the appetizer table with this zesty yet sweet salsa, which will fit right in on the holiday buffet table.

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Fall Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd's Pie

Platter Talk

While this is certainly no traditional English shepherd’s pie, this unique spin on this dish from Platter Talk is no less hearty. Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and granny smith apples make this dish comfort food perfect for any weeknight dinner.

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Nordic Panna Cotta With Skyr and Wild Berries

Panna Cotta

My Nordic Kitchen

The beautiful deep crimson and silky white of My Nordic Kitchen’s panna cotta just screams Christmastime. Featuring delectable wild berries and warm wintery spices such as cloves, ginger, and cinnamon, this dessert is almost too beautiful to eat (almost).

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Quinoa Chocolate Chip Apple Crumble (Gluten Free)


Bucket List Tummy

Just because you’re baking for the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy! Bucket List Tummy’s versatile crumble can be eaten as a pie or granola, and it’s insanely good for you, featuring super foods such as oats and quinoa and no refined sugars.

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White Chocolate Mocha Pound Cakes

The Kitchen Prep

The Kitchen Prep

Looking for a beautiful, luxurious dessert to whip up for the people on your Christmas list? Look no further than The Kitchen Prep’s white chocolate mocha pound cakes. Using favorite coffeehouse flavors, these cakes aren’t overly sweet, making them great for anybody this holiday season.

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