Martha Stewart And Jack In The Box Go To War In This Super Bowl Ad

The untouchable Martha Stewart has major beef with Jack in the Box, or at least that's what their Super Bowl ad wants you to think. Jack in the Box's upcoming Super Bowl ad shows the fast-food honcho "Jack Box" feuding with the kitchen queen herself.

The commercial shows Stewart in the TV kitchen of her fictitious show Martha Stewart Live debuting a bánh mì-inspired fried chicken sandwich and claiming, "You'd never find this at a fast food restaurant."

In storms Jack Box, challenging the longtime TV host and cookbook author to put her chicken sandwich up against Jack in the Box's new Asian fried chicken sandwich. The always iconic Martha removes her earrings, as if ready to fight, before snatching Jack Box's nose clean off his flat face.

"Okay, it's on Martha! I'm going online! I'm starting a hashtag! Get ready for a Twitter war!" the Jack in the Box mascot shouts to the TV goddess as he is escorted away by her security staff. A spokesperson for Jack in the Box reports that both Stewart and the brand will stage Twitter beef in the weeks following the Super Bowl, so keep an eye out for all the shade and snatching coming to social media soon.

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