Little Boy Tearfully Rejects Dinner Because 'It's Just Too Cute For Me To Eat'

A young boy had a hard time eating dinner because, as he told his mother with tears in his eyes, "It's just too cute for me to eat."

In a recent video uploaded by America's Funniest Home Videos, a boy is faced, for likely the first time, with one of man's biggest struggles: Eating something with a face.

The experience is especially painful for the boy, because he has to look down at a face with big, round eyes — dollops of ketchup and mustard that are meant to be used as dip for the hot dog slices — arranged in a big smile.

When his mother asks what he plans to do with his meal instead, he tells her with anguish, "I don't know!"

Attempting to sound forceful, he then tells her, "Mommy, you [should] never make something like this for me because this is just too, too cute."