What Justin Hartley Eats On The Set Of 'This Is Us'

This Is Us heartthrob Justin Hartley keeps a pretty clean diet of vegetables (sans radish), fish, and meat off the barbecue. In fact, the 41-year-old actor doesn't even eat fast food — apart from his annual indulgence of Del Taco. But because of the food options available on-set, the narrative slightly skews when Kevin Pearson is in character.

Nearly every film, television, or other video production employs a craft service to provide buffet-style snacks and drinks to actors, directors, and other staffers while they're working. On the set of This Is Us — NBC's award-winning hit drama that also features Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, and Chrissy Metz — Hartley says new food is brought out every two hours, "and sometimes it's not healthy, or as healthy as I would like." With that being said, he can't resist the sweets.

"I'm kind of a candy freak," the former Smallville star told The Daily Meal. "Anything gummy or sugary I can eat a million of. Skittles, Starburst — I love that stuff. I could eat Skittles for the rest of my life."

As much as that sounds like everyone's wildest dream, Hartley does his best to stay away from sugar and carbohydrates.

"I try to keep the carbs down when I'm at work because it tends to make me a little tired as I'm working, and then I try to have small meals throughout the day, so you don't get that sugar crash and then you have to do an emotional scene and you're just exhausted already before you even start," he said.

But when he's not filming, he's probably flipping burgers on the grill — or maybe veggie burgers, as he was just announced as an influencer for plant-based brand Morningstar Farms and says he's trying to work more non-meat protein into his diet.

When he goes out to eat, he loves eating raw fish at one of his favorite LA spots, Sushi Bar, an exclusive eight-seat eatery in the Encino neighborhood. But you won't catch him eating shrimp tempura rolls; Hartley is hugely into sashimi. Some of his favorite cuts include yellow tail, yellow belly, tuna, salmon, and eel — basically everything under the sea.

Eating at a sushi restaurant is one of the most euphoric dining experiences a person can have, but if you're less of a pro than Hartley and can't tell your sashimi from your nigiri, ordering food might seem a little intimidating. Don't sweat the small stuff, though; here are the 16 most confusing sushi terms, decoded.