UPDATE: Justin Bieber Eating His Burrito Sideways Was One Big Hoax

UPDATE: The Beliebers on Twitter were right. As it turns out, a photo of a man sitting on a park bench in a pink hoodie was not of Justin Bieber; it was all an elaborate YouTube hoax by pranksters Yes Theory. Even seasoned food journalists can get duped by the frenzy of news around the web, us included. We regret the error.

Justin Bieber has done many offensive things in his life. From urinating into a restaurant's mop bucket to growing that dirt-like mustache, he has been breaking our hearts on the daily ever since he hit the scene with that mega-earworm, "Baby" (featuring Ludacris). But perhaps the worst thing he's ever done is seemingly the most innocuous: Justin Bieber eats burritos like a monster.

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The man must be stopped. He doesn't know what he's doing! We thought the concept of burrito-eating was a no-brainer (pardon the pun), but clearly, it's eluded the Biebs. He, or someone who looks just like him, was captured by paparazzi chowing down on what looks to be a fat burrito — but the way the popstar is going about it makes us react as though someone has just drawn their nails down a chalk board or, you know, peed into our mop bucket. Disgusting.

Instead of eating his burrito in paper or foil, he's holding the tortilla directly. That's risky, but we'll allow it. The truly heartbreaking part, however, is that instead of holding it vertically (hot dog-style) so as to bite into the folded top to get a good mouthful of soft tortilla while still safely keeping the burrito's contents inside, he's holding it hamburger-style!! He's starting in the middle! What are you even doing, Justin Bieber??? He's going to get burrito innards everywhere! How are you even supposed to enjoy a burrito like that? Take your own advice, J-Biebs, and "love yourself."

Maybe it's because he's from Canada? But we're pretty sure that they have Mexican food up there, so that's no excuse. My goodness.

The nasty photo was tweeted by Ryan Bassil, an editor with Noisey Music. Although he says he respects the seemingly-alpha way Justin is attacking this burrito, many Twitter followers (rightfully) disagree and think Baby Boy Biebs needs a time out.

However, some people on Twitter don't think it's the Beebs. Belibers are going hard in the paint, trying to clear the good name of their beloved Canadian pop singer.

We're sure someone will get to the bottom of this eventually! (Probably not.)


We have attempted to reach out to Justin's representatives for a comment on the matter. Is this Bieber? Does Scooter Braun know about this?? He should. We're just really upset, guys. We're going to go console ourselves by reading about the 50 best burritos in America for 2018.

This story was originally published on October 25 and was updated on October 29.