Jane’s Addiction Guitarist Dave Navarro Eats Whatever He Wants

But he does workout every day

Millions of people know Dave Navarro as the founding guitarist of the pioneering rock band Jane’s Addiction. Millions of people more know Navarro for his five-year tenure with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, which produced hits like “Warped,” “Aeroplane,” and “Love Rollercoaster.” Millions more people are familiar with Navarro for the nine seasons he has hosted – a 10th season is currently in production – of the Spike hit Ink Master. And this tally doesn’t even include the millions of others familiar with Navarro for his work on other artists’ hits, like Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Work,” Diddy’s “Bad Boy For Life,” or Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter.”

Navarro is further recognizable for playing guitar on-stage without his shirt more often than not. So I had to ask the 50-year-old rocker a few questions about food and fitness prior to his appearance at the Rhonda’s Kiss benefit concert with Jane’s Addiction. Surprisingly, Navarro manages to stay in great shape through a combination of consistency and listening to his body. Navarro, who also hosts the Dark Matter Radio podcast every week, can be followed on Twitter via @DaveNavarro.

Ink Master


The 'Ink Master' himself

The Daily Meal: How do you manage to stay in such great shape? Is it about exercise for you? Or more about diet?
Dave Navarro:
I appreciate that. I think in order to do what we do, to have the endurance to do what we do and what comes along with it, there's no better way for me to kind of expunge the stress while at the same time make myself strong enough to stay active. So it's kind a double-edged sword that works well for me.

I don't really have any other kind of thing in my life that brings me those rewards. For stress reduction and just to get energy out, and at the same time build up energy for upcoming obligations and life goals, I'm in the gym maybe six days a week. Yoga or cardio, light weights, I do something every day.

Is there a specific diet you follow?
Not particularly. A diet, do you mean Atkins or something like that?

Some people count calories, other people follow Atkins...
Oh no, I don't. I just kind of eat what I want until I'm full. (laughs) There’s no absolutes with me on diet. I avoid dairy products, for sure. I try to avoid sugars. But if something looks good enough, I'll have it, you know what I mean? If I've eaten clean all week and I'm at a birthday party and the cake looks great, I'll do it. F**k it.

In closing, Dave, any last words for the kids?
Which kids?


They can be any kids you think may be reading this.
That's an interesting question, let me think... For me, accepting one another's differences is a key element that's required for global peace, acknowledging that everybody is entitled to believe or think what they want. I would just ask future generations to focus and support each other, as opposed to taking each other down. I feel that there is some kind of darkness that's kind of taken over the social media world that isn't very good for people. I would just maybe suggest a little more acceptance and tolerance overall.