Instagram Cat

This Instagram Cat Eats Better Than You

And dresses better, too

Instagram has long been the go-to place to see glamor shots of food — cheesy pizza stretched out seductively, or perfectly melted ice cream cones set against a street mural. Everyone is eating well and has the receipts to prove it — or so it can seem when you’ve made yourself Kraft Mac & Cheese at home for the third consecutive night without a perfectly composed tablescape in sight.

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So we’re accustomed to feeling a hint of envy over other people’s food photos. It’s not often, though, that a cat can make you rethink your home-cooked meals.

Enter: Rinne, the Japanese housecat who definitely eats better than you (and dresses better, too tbh). His daily feasts include ramen and dumplings and salads and ceviche and fresh-cut fruit and (of course) whole fish. Not only are his meals probably better than whatever mess you cooked for yourself, but his outfits are on point as well: in one photo a tall chef’s toque paired with a crisp white jacket, in another a salaryman’s shirt and tie.

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Even if you’re cracking open a Cup Noodles for the fourth time this week, you can still live vicariously through this docile cat and his big appetite.

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