Ina Garten Doesn't Watch Cooking Shows, Including Her Own

In an interview with People, Ina Garten revealed that she never watches cooking shows, not even her own! The Food Network icon's hit series, Barefoot Contessa, has countless fans but Garten does not appear to count herself as one of them.

"I never watch cooking shows; certainly not mine," she told the celebrity news publication. "Not a chance. I would never do another show. I think I'm terrible!"

Luckily, the home cook can count husband Jeffrey as an avid fan and enthusiast of her cooking. "He's a great audience because whatever I serve, he says, 'That's the best thing I've ever had!' Which is why I love to cook for him!" she says of the man she married in 1968. "I think he really means it at the moment but then the next time, it's something else."

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