How to Steal Beyoncé’s Birthday Cake, According to Blue Ivy

That sprinkle-covered frosting was just too tempting for Blue Ivy to resist

Even Beyoncé can't have her birthday cake entirely to herself.

Beyoncé threw a predictably fabulous, celebrity-packed, extravagant party to celebrate her 35th birthday last week.  Blue Ivy was one of the few children in attendance, and she was totally at ease in this star-studded soul train-themed birthday bash. In fact, Blue Ivy was so relaxed that she accidentally made herself the star of the evening by succeeding in sneaking a taste of Beyoncé’s birthday cake before anyone else had tried it. Here’s how she managed to pull it off. 


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At the peak of the party, a huge layer cake coated in frosting and rainbow sprinkles was wheeled in with multiple sparkling, golden, glittering candles fizzing and glowing on top. All eyes and cameras were focused on Queen Bey as she posed with the cake and then made a speech to all her guests. It was in the midst of this speech that Blue Ivy saw her chance to sneak a taste of this beautiful birthday cake before anybody else was able to. While everybody was staring at her mom, Blue Ivy sidled up to the cake and swiped her fingers through the sprinkles frosting. Nobody could stop her, and nobody wanted to stop her: She had no idea that she’d stolen the show from her mom, had been caught on camera, and had simultaneously won our hearts… again. If we’d been in her position, we’d have done exactly the same thing.