How Many Calories Are On Your Thanksgiving Plate (Slideshow)

If you are thinking of drinking this holiday, check out some of the average data we found on your favorite libations. Surprisingly, on average we found that even regular beer is actually better than a simple cocktail like an Old Fashioned!

Whites: 121 calories per glass

Reds (Burgundy): 127 calories per glass

Champagne: 78 calories per glass

Beer (Regular): Average 150 calories per bottle

Beer (Light): Average 95 calories per bottle

Generic Old Fashioned Cocktail: 155 calories per glass

Average Sides:

Inarguably, Thanksgiving sides are what make the meal. But with these high calorie counts, you may want to stick to one serving of each and steer clear of seconds.

Mashed Potatoes (with Whole Milk and Butter): 237 calories per 1 cup

Green Bean Casserole: 230 calories per 1 cup

Candied Yams: 206 calories per 1 cup

Canned Cranberry Sauce: 420 calories per 1 cup

Fresh Cranberry Sauce: 408 calories per 1 cup

Stuffing: 350 calories per 1 cup


The least offensive plate accessory can quickly turn deadly if you add accoutrements like cheese and butter. Be sure to keep these plain to be able to enjoy them at their best!

Brussels Sprouts: 38 calories per 1 cup

Corn: 132 calories per ear

Spinach: 41 calories per 1 cup

Butter: 36 calories per 1 pat butter


One lonely biscuit's calorie count could cost you a drink or side's worth of holiday calories. Be sure to be careful with your spreads, too!

150 calories per biscuit

36 calories per 1 pat of butter 


Did you know that different parts of the turkey could break down into different calorie counts? Take care to portion out your favorite parts of the turkey to maximize your calorie intake for the better!

Serving Size: 3.5 ounces turkey

Breast with skin: 194 calories

Breast without skin: 161 calories

Wing with skin: 238 calories

Leg with skin: 213 calories

Dark meat with skin: 232 calories

Dark meat without skin: 192 calories

Turkey Gravy

A boatload of gravy could cost you a boatload of calories. Make sure you distribute it equally across your plate so you can enjoy all of the flavors of gravy without oversaturating your dish.

100 calories per 1 cup


Of course, Thanksgiving dessert is responsible for some of the worst calorie-offending plate additions. Just be sure to limit you intake to a tiny sliver if you "must" try them all!

Pumpkin Pie: 323 calories per 1 slice (1/8 divided pie)

Apple Pie: 411 calories per 1 slice (1/8 divided pie)

Pecan Pie: 503 calories per 1 slice (1/8 divided pie) 

Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop : 125 calories per 1/2 cup

Whipped Cream: 15 calories per 2 tablespoons