Hidden Valley Is Giving Away A $35,000 Bottle Of Ranch Dressing In Honor Of The Royal Wedding

Ranch dressing may be seen as the everyman's salad dressing, but for National Ranch Day 2018, Hidden Valley Ranch is giving their bottle a makeover fit for a princess. Yes, starting this Saturday (March 10), the company will be giving away a $35,000 jewel-encrusted bottle of ranch dressing to one very, very lucky ranch enthusiast.

Fans of all things ostentatious and all things ranch don't even have to try all that hard to win this very special bottle. All you have to do is follow @HVRanch on Twitter and look for a special post between March 10 and May 19 and retweet it. The winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

Why May 19? Well, in addition to celebrating National Ranch Day, this very special bottle of ranch is also meant to celebrate the upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

"Renowned in these United States as the flavor that goes well with anything, Hidden Valley Ranch is honoring the great pairing of a fellow famous American with British royalty, as well as those who royally love ranch, with a diamond, sapphire and 18 carat white gold encrusted glass bottle – the only way to serve America's favorite ranch to royalty," Hidden Valley announced in a press release.

They also teased that this bottle is not one-of-a-kind. It seems as though a certain future member of the royal family should keep an eye on her mailbox... "Designed by an A-list celebrity jeweler, one ornate bottle of the No. 1 selling dressing in the country, which cannot be found throughout the land of the United Kingdom, will be sent on a journey overseas," the company proclaimed. Ranch dressing isn't the only thing that will be (unfortunately) missing from the upcoming royal wedding. You're not likely to see these 10 things, either...