Here Is Your Parks And Rec Viewing Party Menu

The premier of the seventh and final season of Parks and Recreation is less than a month away, and it's the kind of show that's just more fun to watch with friends. What's more fun than a Parks and Rec viewing party? A Parks and Rec viewing party with themed snacks, of course! Food brings people together, and there's nothing more important than friendship. Except maybe breakfast food. "Either way," in the immortal words of Leslie Knope, "work comes third."


First, Assemble Your Guest List

Ask your friends if they're busy on January 13, 2015.

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Now you're ready to plan your menu. Here are some suggestions: 


All the Bacon and Eggs You Have

Cook all the bacon you have and set it out on a plate. Then, hard-boil a dozen eggs and serve them, shell-on, in the egg crate they came in. Matching party platter optional; Ron Swanson knows what he's about, son.

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Andy's Mouth Surprise

To make this nutritious treat, unwrap two Starbursts, stick a Skittle between them, and squeeze to close. It's nice because the flavor of the Starbursts really brings out a similar flavor in the Skittles.

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Pizza? Never heard of it! Be careful around these double-crossing snacks, though, and only trust the best source of healthy and delicious snacks: The Low-Cal Calzone Zone.

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Food My Food Eats (salad bar)

Be considerate of the Chris Traegers on your guest list and set out a salad bar. It keeps you healthy, but god, at what cost? Reassure the rest of the party that they are under no obligation to eat their greens.

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Apps and 'Zerts

Don't forget to provide a nice spread of Bean Blankie melts (cheese quesadillas), Long-Ass Rice salad (pasta salad), and a Big Ol' Cookie (cake) for dessert. If you're feeling ambitious, you can even serve some Chicky-Chicky-Parm-Parm (chicken Parmesan) or Chicky Catch (chicken cacciatore) as a main dish.

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Meat Tornadoes

"It literally killed a guy last year." Say no more, Andy. Share the best possible meat delivery system with your hungry guests, whether that means substituting all the vegetables in a classic burrito with more meat or creating something new and protein-packed.

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Red Vines

"We're a Red Vines family." Deal with it.

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Treat Yo Self Cupcakes

All you need for these babies is a decadent cupcake recipe, colorful frosting, and a steady hand. Enjoy; you deserve it.

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Turkey Chili

Indulge in one of Andy and April's go-to dinners; just make sure you serve it out of a Frisbee, for extra cuteness. Bonus points if you share forks.

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For all of JJ's Diner's favorite customers. Why would anyone eat anything besides breakfast food?

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Entertainment (720)

Finally, if you really want to throw a killer Parks and Rec party, don't be afraid to pull out all the stops and rent one of these:

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