From Her To Hustle: 8 Oscar Viewing Party Themes And Recipes (Slideshow)

American Hustle

Any great American Hustle party would of course be '70s-themed and groovy.  Sunita Sadhnani  from Glamorous Events Planners on Long Island suggests hanging a large disco ball in the center of your party room and play some cheesy disco music. Don't forget to roll out the blackjack and check out our recipe for "Fuhgeddaboudits" or chocolate and caramel covered rice krispie treats- just as decadent and over-the-top as Jennifer Lawrence's hairdo.  


It's all about the space theme when it comes to hosting a Gravity party, so go all out with sticking glowing stars on the walls and ceiling, and sprinkle star confetti all over. Sunita Sadhnani of Glamorous Event Planners in Long Island says to craft your own spaceships with with empty paper towel tubes, silver spray paint and tinfoil. And even if crafts are not your forte, you can wow your guests with a frozen spherical vodka cocktail.

Check out this recipe for the "Anti-Gravity Ice Sphere" cocktail from entertainment expert and designer Mark Addison.

August: Osage County

August: Osage County gives you that rare opportunity to celebrate one of the plains states, Oklahoma, and to celebrate family togetherness. So be sure your guests are seated around the table and eating these watermelon feta cheese skewers (from Evite) while listening to some country music in the background. After all, Oklahoma is well-known for their watermelon.

Check out Evite's recipe for Mediterranean Watermelon Feta Skewers.


Frozen practically screams, "throw a party!" Whether you're hosting kids and doling out Olaf the snowman-shaped cupcakes, or hosting a more sophisticated adult party, we've got you covered. Your decor should have a silver and blue color scheme, to match the movie, and don't be afraid to hang some paper snowflakes to make your own winter wonderland. Enjoy your party while sipping on some frozen blue margaritas.

Check out this recipe for a "Frozen" blue margarita

Captain Phillips

For a Captain Phillips party, it's all about the nautical theme, hopefully without any unwanted Somalian pirate guests! Serve up some seafood dishes like a crab dip appetizer, or any other seafood snack.

Check out this crab alfredo pizza bites appetizer from Celebrations at Home. 


If you've seen this sweet and unusual romantic flick, you know that the carnival plays a big part. So make it a carnival theme to match the date Theodore takes Samantha on, says Sunita Sadhnani of Glamorous Event Planners in Long Island. Hand out bags of popcorn and candy apples, and string up colorful lights around the room. 

Check out this signature cocktail, the Strawberry Crush Cocktail by BLT Steak Scottsdale, meant to evoke the sweet rush of a crush.

Dallas Buyers Club

Everything's bigger in Texas, and the same goes for your Dallas Buyers'-themed party! Have everyone wear cowboy boots and hats, play some twangy country music and possibly play a round of "pin the cowboy hat/oversized moustache on Matthew McConaughey." 

Check out this Texas Toast topped with refried beans and salsa, from Kitchen Daily. 

Wolf of Wall Street

You're probably going to have to keep your party a little bit tamer than Leonardo DiCaprio's antics, but you can get a little wild by having your guests come in their business best and slug down some gin. 

Check out The White Collar, made with Plymouth gin and crème de cassis, by Andaz Wall Street.