Giada De Laurentiis

Giada De Laurentiis Gave Prince William the Key to Making a Great Lasagna

Prince William is so lucky! We would love cooking advice from Giada

In 2011 Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis gave the U.K.’s Prince William some cooking advice on an Italian classic, and she has never forgotten the exchange. De Laurentiis told PopSugar about the time when she cooked for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the Foundation Polo Challenge in Santa Barbara, California, and was able to give some pasta-related advice to Prince William.

De Laurentiis cites the royal staff as being the ones who tipped her off that the prince had a special question for her regarding cooking for his then-new bride. The prince had apparently attempted to make lasagna for the Duchess and had been unsuccessful.

"I remember meeting him and he told me the exact same story and asked me what was the key to a great lasagna," Giada told PopSugar.

De Laurentiis advised William, "You've got to make sure that you have enough sauce to get a nice crust on top and you've got to let it sit before you cut into it. It has got to set, otherwise it'll just be a pool of mess."

Too bad William didn’t know about these 10 made-from-scratch lasagna recipes anyone can pull off!

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