Get Lucky With These Good Luck Foods

Check out what foods other countries consider to be good luck around the world!
5 Good Luck Foods
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If you happen to be experiencing a little bad luck lately, turn it around by eating these foods!


No good luck charm? No problem. Here are 5 foods to enjoy this year that promote luck and prosperity:

1. Lentils

In Italy and Hungary, eating lentils traditionally symbolizes the hope for a prosperous new year, most likely because of their round, coin-like form.

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2. Pomegranate

In Greece, pomegranates are a symbol of abundance, fertility, and good luck. When one buys a new home, it is conventional for a house guest to bring a pomegranate as a first gift.

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3. Grapes

In Portugal and in Spain, eating grapes comes as a sign of luck, particularly on New Year’s Day. It is customary to eat 12 grapes: one grape for each clock stroke.
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4. Eggs

On the third Sunday before Easter, Moravian village girls used to carry a tree decorated with eggshells and flowers from house to house for good luck.

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5. Pork

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