Foods and Drinks That Derail Your Daily Workout

Here are some foods you should avoid before and after a workout to get the most out of your routine
Worst Workout Foods

Avoid these detrimental workout foods!

Working off those last five pounds or just trying to maintain a fit body isn’t an easy task. But if you are one of the folks who is tirelessly dedicated to getting in a daily workout, it can be especially frustrating if, in spite of your dedication, the results you’re looking for seem far out of reach. No matter how much effort you put in, certain foods will wreak havoc on your exercise routine, and some of the most derailing foods and drinks are ones you’d never expect. A sports drink, for example, is filled with electrolytes. It can’t be bad, right? Think again.

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Certified fitness and nutrition expert Michael Torchia gave us a few tips and tricks on the best ways to avoid killing your workout routine. Some of the tips may seem a little obvious at first glance — avoid fatty foods, skip the McDonald’s —  but there are other ones that are not quite as obvious. For instance, certain vegetables can actually cause stomach issues mid-exercise if eaten directly before a workout. Even those high-energy protein bars pre- and post-workout could nullify your efforts, even though you would think they’d replenish your stamina.

The key to the results you’re seeking is to be smart about your eating and drinking habits. Drink water to stay hydrated and balance out the foods you eat before and after your workout. Browse through our list of foods that typically derail your workout session and you could  be that much closer to getting the results you want.

Avoid Pre-Workout Protein Shakes


According to Torchia, “Protein is digested more slowly than carbs, so too much pre-workout can give you stomach cramps.” Instead, opt for a protein shake after your workout is over and skip the nasty stomachache.

Don't Exercise on an Empty Stomach


Just like beginning your workout with too much food, not eating at all beforehand can lead to workout distress. Your body will be forced to break down muscle tissue and turn it into blood sugar. Eat a snack before working out and never work out on an empty stomach.