Favorite TV Hangout Spots: Coffee Shops (Slideshow)

This soap opera haven ended up being more of a fictional bar than a coffee shop, which is probably why it landed in last place. But a spot as drama-filled as the Java Underground cannot be ignored. After all, the place has been the site of dozens of character hookups, functions, and scandalous events. The most memorable Java Underground moment occurred when Col Mayer, father of Noah, accosted him outside of the hangout spot and convinced him to go on the run with him, despite the fact he murdered his mother. Talk about an intense cup of coffee — now that we think about it, it may be a little too much drama to actually visit this place in real life. 

Rear Window Brew,

If the gals in Pretty Little Liars were old enough, we are sure they'd be headed to a bar to uncover who was wreaking havoc on their lives. But for now, shots of espresso from the Rear Window Brew will have to do. Named after the Hitchcock film Rear Window (apparently just one of the many nods to the filmmaker in the show) this coffee shop employs major characters and really became a hub of activity for the girls in seasons three and four. 

Espresso Pump,

When the business of destroying underworld monsters became too much to handle, Buffy and the crew would slip next door and drown their sorrows in a cup of joe at the Espresso Pump http://buffy.wikia.com/wiki/Espresso_Pump. Located right next to The Magic Box, where the gang would meet to learn about their other-worldly foes, this little shop in Sunnydale was one of the calmer settings in the show. But this spot was the venue for plenty of plotting, planning, and was occasionally where the high school drama would ensue. Magic? Monsters? Attractive, skilled people? Why wouldn't we want this to be a real place?

Cafe Nervosa,

The slightly neurotic and high-strung TV hero Frasier, often met his fellow cast members here for lunch or coffee. Located across the street from the KACL studios where Frasier worked, there was a ton of interaction with the staff. At one point, Niles even dated the "free-spirited" waitress Kit. It was a quaint little café  and we all wished we could really go there just to overhear Frasier's witty remarks.

Central Perk,

It's no surprise that Central Perk of Friends takes the number one spot on our list. This is where almost every show either started or ended. The main characters would convene here, and sometimes sit for hours, from the days when Rachel wiped down tables to when Phoebe sang "Smelly Cat." Central Perk is the idealistic coffee shop: an un-crowded New York spot with familiar service and your favorite seat always available. While you won't find Central Perk in New York City, if you travel to Beijing, you will find a replica shop with impeccable attention to detail.