Favorite TV Hangout Spots: Bars (Slideshows)

What is the number-one bar TV lovers wish were real?

14. The Snake Hole Lounge, "Parks and Recreation"

Despite being the world’s sickest nightclub, this hilarious hotspot came in last when put to a vote on places we wished we could hang out at. While you can’t actually knock a few back at the Parks and Recreation club, you can visit the world’s sickest website and hang out with the cast there!

13. The Stowaway Tavern, "Revenge"

This bar has served as a hub of controversy in ABC’s hit show Revenge. Owned by the Porter family, this waterfront property has been threatened and attacked, potentially leaving characters without a place to hang their weary heads. 

12. Joe’s Emerald City Bar, "Grey's Anatomy"

Joe’s Emerald City Bar is one of those places that serves as silent nucleus to a show — a place that you may not realize how essential it is to plot development right away, but its importance can't be denied. If it weren’t for Joe’s, the two main characters of Grey’s Anatomy would never have met and the social aspect of Seattle Grace’s staff would be nothing. In spite of all of this, it still wasn’t enough for readers to wish Joe’s was a place they could really hang their hats.  

11. After Dark, "Beverly Hill, 90210"

A place that grew up along with its characters, Beverly Hills’ After Dark club was adjacent to the show’s teen hangout spot, the Peach Pit. Not only was this place the venue for some dramatic business dealings, it was also the center for big life events. 

10. Duke's, "Fraiser"

When Martin Crane, father to Niles and Frasier Crane, needed a place to drown his sorrows, he headed to Duke’s. The bar became a huge plot-driver when they discover that an investment the Crane brothers got involved with was actually the reason Duke’s was being demolished. After being forthright with their father, the two put aside their differences and went to the bar for one last drink.

9. Moe’s Tavern, "The Simpsons"

The animated bar has a more tumultuous past than any other spot on the list. After all, Springfield’s only bar has undergone hundreds of changes to stay relevant and pays off a rather easily influenced mayor when inspection time rolls around. Though iconic, this bar has allegedly never been cleaned, so we can’t blame you for wanting to leave it in the fictional realm. 

8. Regal Beagle, "Three's Company"

When the three roommates needed a place to meet up with each other or a new date, they always went to the Regal Beagle. The characters retreated there to cook up their schemes. Jack’s sexuality and Chrissy’s blonde moments were often recurring jokes in the bar. Though it was frequented enough on a very iconic show, it wasn’t enough to make it into the top five favored places for our readers. 

7. Paddy's Pub, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

In terms of actual bar experience, we can’t blame you for not wanting Paddy’s Pub to be real. After all, the service is terrible, the drinks are unoriginal, and the clientele is questionable. However, if you are into people-watching, this would be the place to go. Just don’t actually let them hear you call it the "worst bar in America" or you may find yourself at the mercy of the hair-brained cast.

6. The Drunken Clam, "Family Guy"

Who doesn’t love a bar that lets babies and dogs pull up a stool? The Drunken Clam is the regular hangout spot for the main character, Peter Griffin, and his motley crew of best friends. Here, the guys always cook up wacky solutions to their problems and keep us laughing with their wildly inappropriate jokes. 

5. The Warsaw Tavern, "The Drew Carey Show"

How could you not want to hang out at a place that serves caffeinated brewskis? On The Drew Carey Show, characters would meet every day at The Warsaw Tavern to drown their sorrows. Though you can’t actually hang out at The Warsaw, the show did an excellent job of portraying this neighborhood spot as one we could see ourselves frequenting.  

4. The Tropicana, "I Love Lucy"

But Ricky, we want to be in the show, too! Or at least get a chance to actually see it! Ricky Ricardo plays as the bandleader at the Tropicana Club, but later purchases the joint and renames it Club Babalu after his "hit" song. The place serves as the source of conflict in Lucy and Ricky’s relationship, but usually ends up being the place that some of the best scenes take place.

3. Rosie's, "M*A*S*H"

Readers definitely don’t wish that they were with the M*A*S*H crew in the middle of the Korean War, but they do wish they could pull up a bar stool with the chief surgical staff at the 4077th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. This bar gave the characters a sense of normalcy during troubling times, as all good bars do, and is classic enough for us to wish we could swap our own war stories there.

2. Maclaren’s Pub, "How I Met Your Mother"

The only bar currently on air in our top five, Maclaren’s is the central hub of activity for the HIMYM crew. Without it, we’d have nowhere to watch Barney enforce his strict bro-code or watch Ted’s crazy dating antics blossom. The apartment sits right above the bar, making this a convenient and now iconic spot for the cast to hang at. Who wouldn’t love to be able to go right downstairs for a drink?

1. Cheers, "Cheers"

Is it any surprise that the Boston-based bar reigns as champion when it comes to places we wish were real? There is something comforting about being a regular at a local spot, where everybody really does know your name, and you even have a typical character like Norm who frequents it. While there is an actual bar named Cheers in Boston, readers love the way the way this fictional bar feels like a home-away-from-home and that is something tough to recreate.