Favorite TV Hangout Spots: On Air Now (Slideshow)

10. Mystic Grill, 'The Vampire Diaries'

Coming in at dead last (pun totally intended) is the Mystic Grill of The CW's Vampire Diaries. A popular spot for the young humans and vampires in town to frequent, the Mystic Grill has served as the venue for a few major plot developments in the show. The seemingly foolproof dramatic equation of vampires and love triangles couldn't make this supernatural spot worthy of our reader's votes, though, but for what it's worth, those who voted for it may get their wish. They are reportedly opening a real Mystic Grill in Covington, Ga., where the show is filmed.

9. Bob's Burgers, 'Bob's Burgers'

Belcher family fans couldn't quite pull off the win for their favorite burger place — but what can you expect after so many reopenings? You have to give Bob credit for his great business practices, like trying to involve his less-than-enthused family and his inventive burger board. Alas, Jimmy Pesto's wins once again. 

8. Los Pollos Hermanos, 'Breaking Bad'

Despite the fact that fans are getting ready to mourn the loss of their favorite show, they just didn't have enough love for everyone's favorite front business. Los Pollos Hermanos, a fast-food restaurant chain in the hit series Breaking Bad, specializes in fried chicken with a side of meth. The show's protagonist frequents the spot out of necessity, so while it is a super important plot driver, we could see how fans would be comfortable leaving Los Pollos in the fictional realm.

7.Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand, 'Arrested Development'

Affectionately known as "The Big Yellow Joint" on Arrested Developmentthe banana stand seems like a great place to have a frozen treat if you happen to be walking the boards of Newport. Though only a small part of the Bluth "empire," this iconic spot is where Michael Cera's character George Michael has some of his shining comedic moments.  

6. Granny’s Diner, 'Once Upon a Time'

The only diner in the constant double entendre that is Once Upon a Time, Granny's Diner is a pivotal location for the characters of Storybrooke. It looks like a comfortable place, and who wouldn't want as edgy waitress like Ruby to take their order? 

5. Krusty Burger, 'The Simpsons'

In the top five, we take a trip to Springfield and revel in the ironic glory that is Krusty Burger. Run by the skeevy and despicable Krusty the Klown, Krusty Burger regularly appears on The Simpsons as a spot for their wild antics. Despite the fact that they have a burger entitled "Mad Cow Burger" on their menu and use phone books as booster seats, we'd be willing to deal with it all if we could just hang out with The Simpsons characters in real life. 

4. Abe's Restaurant, 'Mike and Molly'

Main characters Mike and Carl, two Chicago police officers, meet every morning at their favorite joint, Abe's Restaurant. Though the staff is cheeky and the service is terrible, everyone can relate to having a regular spot where they feel comfortable enough to yell back at the waiter like they do on Mike and Molly. The fictional restaurant could be on its way to iconic status, so long as Nyambi Nyambi keeps the jokes come.  

3. Merlotte's, 'True Blood'

Despite all of the history and the recent happenings at Merlotte's Bar & Grill, the True Blood hangout spot only lands in the third spot. True, when you think about actually eating at Merlotte's it may be hard to imagine, what with the telepathic, shape-shifting, blood-sucking crew that frequents there. 

2. Royal Diner, 'Bones'

Surprisingly, the TV crime drama Bones' Royal Diner is the number two spot readers wished were real. Beating out some modern iconic spots, the Royal Diner is the place where the employees of the Jeffersonian Institute go to socialize and strategize. 

1. The Krusty Krab, 'SpongeBob SquarePants'

Of all the fictional spots currently on TV that our readers wished they could dine at, number one was none other than everyone's favorite burger joint under the sea: The Krusty Krab in Spongebob Squarepants. The Krabby Patty, the burger joint's signature dish, is a closely guarded recipe of the penny-pinching owner Mr. Krab. With enthusiastic workers like SpongeBob on the grill, who wouldn't want to eat a mind-blowing burger in the ocean in real life?