Drake Has Probably Gone Vegan

‘She said do you love me? I tell her only partly. I only love tofu and my mama, I’m sorry’

Toronto Rapper Drake announced that he no longer eats meat, may also have gone vegan thanks to Instagram clues.

If you’re reading this, Drake is probably vegan. Not only did he tell the world he’s given up meat on a Twitch broadcast, but the Jewish Canadian rapper recently alluded to going full-blown vegan in an Instagram post. 

“If two vegans are angry at each other...is it beef?” Rihanna’s former beau theorized in his caption of the (of course) very handsome photo.

The Grammy Award-winning artist’s coy non-announcement still made animal rights group PETA proud — so much so that they sent him a gift basket of goodies (including passion fruit, because they’re punny like that). They also managed to sneak in a request for the 6ix God to stop wearing Canada Goose coats, which use coyote fur.

Drizzy going plant-based is also being celebrated in his home town of Toronto with billboards from Freshii calling him “Kale God.” The Toronto-based brand explained in a microsite (called kalegod.com, of course) launched specifically to host an open letter to Drake applauding the former Degrassi star for his decision to give up meat.

“Drake,” the letter reads. “We hear you’ve gone meatless. HYFR.” The website then goes on to outline the benefits of being a vegetarian or plant-based eater. "The entire Freshii team is behind you," Freshii said supportively, "passionate from (only a few) miles away." It’s like vegans don’t realize he has other songs!

There may be no tellin’ if Drake has actually gone vegan until he confirms it himself. But until then we wish the 6 Man success in all his endeavors. With that in mind — Drizzy, here are some vegan alternatives so good you won’t miss meat or dairy. And if you’re every tryna eat with me, just give me the heads up so I can plan for it.