Dessert Nachos Are Our New Favorite Thing

Dessert and nachos are two of our favorites, so obviously this fusion was going to be perfect

Dessert nachos have quickly become our favorite go-to sweet treat.

We all love nachos, and we all love dessert. So it’s perhaps no surprise that when we discovered dessert nachos, it was love at first sight. A pile of crispy, cheese-covered, totally indulgent nachos is one of the best-ever ways to start a meal, and now you can end it with a sweet reflection of this amazingly popular appetizer.

Before we tell you how to make them, we want to explain why we love them as much as we do. First, they’re super easy to make (and if you want to be a gourmet dessert nacho-baker then you can make the recipe as complicated and decadent as you like). Second, they look spectacular when served piled high, covered in your favorite ingredients and inviting you to dive into them. Third, they’re made to share, and we all know the best desserts are the giant ones that you can share with your friends. Fourth, they are entirely customizable and can be made to fit your own dream tastes: Whether you’re obsessed with berries, cream, dark chocolate, ice cream, marshmallows, or maple syrup, it can all be thrown on top of the nachos in quantities that are as excessive as you desire.


There are no strict rules or methods to make dessert nachos: It’s more of an abstract dessert idea you can improvise on as much as you wish. For the tortilla chips base, you can use store-bought sweet tortilla chips, or you can make them yourself by simply cutting flour tortillas into triangles, coating them in melted butter and cinnamon sugar, and baking them in a hot oven until crisp. For some topping inspiration, we recommend riffing on our favorite classic combination of an extra sprinkling of cinnamon sugar, chopped berries, melted dark chocolate, and a few scoops of your favorite ice cream.