From Decorations to Noshes: Try These Ideas for the Ultimate Super Bowl Celebration

If you need help with all aspects of your Super Bowl Party, we’ve got you covered
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Follow these ideas and tips for a flawless Super Bowl party.


When Super Bowl Sunday creeps up on you, it can send you into party panic mode. Don’t freak out just yet: we’ve got expert tips to help you pull off the perfect Super Bowl party, from the food to the ambiance, and if you follow this advice, your celebration will be party foul-free!


  • Create a “concession stand” with our free printable banner and display snacks in brown paper treat bags (or trim the tops from brown paper lunch bags to get a similar look).

  • Create a photo booth with black craft paper and a chalk ink pen. Put out football-themed props, and take pictures of guests with an old-school polaroid camera or smart phone camera.

  • DIY Game Day Beverage Tub
    Win big with this decorated beverage tub that provides entertainment as well as cold drinks. And when the game’s over? Just take the decorations off and save them for next year!

  • Materials:
    Beverage tub
    2 feet of artificial turf
    White duct tape
    White painter’s tape
    Yellow spray paint
    Goal post (see parts, below)


Step 1: Attach all PVC pipes to create your goal post.

Step 2: Spray-paint goal post in a well-ventilated area and allow to dry for at least an hour.

Step 3: Wrap artificial turf around beverage tub and cut off excess.

Step 4: Create a border along the top of your artificial turf using white duct tape. Fold half the duct tape over onto the front, and fold the other half onto the back.

Step 5: Secure artificial turf to beverage tub using painter’s tape, overlapping the duct tape.

Step 6: Once your turf is on straight, add your “50-yard line” with white duct tape. To create the numbers, print out a “5” and a “0,” tape over the paper with white duct tape, and cut out the numbers following the outline of the printed number on the back of the paper. Then attach numbers to artificial turf using painter’s tape. You can also add yard lines with pieces of white painter’s tape.

Step 7: Attach your “goal post” to the back of the drinks tub using painter’s tape. Then fill your tub with ice and drinks and enjoy!


OREO Cookie Ball Football Helmets

Set out these delicious and festive game day treats, which were shaped and decorated to look like football helmets! Check out this recipe and others like it on the NABISCO Pinterest page.

Click here for the OREO Cookie Ball Football Helmets recipe

Gluten-Free Barbecue Chicken Pizza
If you’re hosting guests with dietary restrictions, this recipe is one all guests can enjoy. You’ll love this unique take on traditional pizza so much, you may even serve it for your non-gluten-free crowd!

Click here for the Gluten-Free Barbecue Chicken Pizza recipe

Beer-Basted Baby Back Ribs

What is a Super Bowl party without finger-lickin’ foods? These beer-basted ribs can be kicked up with jalapeño chiles, or toned down to fit your guests’ preferences.

Credit: Gabe Huerta, Evite Contributor

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