The Daily Meal Editor's Gift Guide (Slideshow)

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Gingerbread Pancakes Gift Set

 "It's gingerbread and pancakes in one gift! Need I say more? The set comes with the full pancake ingredients in a jar, the pancake recipe on a tag, a bottle of syrup, a pretty card and envelope, and a door hanger."

Haley Willard, Associate Editor

City Harvest Bar

"This isn't just any chocolate bar... It's creamy milk chocolate by Eclat Chocolate made from Peruvian Nacional cacao beans, and it benefits a good cause. A portion of City Harvest Bar sales will benefit City Harvest."

Haley Willard, Associate Editor

The Homemade Christmas Gin Kit

"Why purchase expensive bottles of gin when you can make it at home? Gin lovers can make their own Christmas gin with the Homemade Gin Kit."

Haley Willard, Associate Editor

Molecular Mixology Kit

"My boyfriend is a dedicated cocktail enthusiast who has been on a quest to make the perfect mojito for ages, so the Mojito R-Evolution molecular mixology kit was the perfect fit for my Christmas list! Molecular gastronomy can be intimidating — and incredibly pricey — so this reasonable little starter set is a great item for the person who loves science in your life." 

Jess Novak, Drink Editor

Bacon of the Month Club

"Although his heart probably doesn't need it, I decided to hook my dad up with the Bacon of the Month Club, which is exactly as ridiculous and delicious as it sounds. You may choose to subject your loved one to a three-, six-, or 12-month subscription, and they will receive a new flavor of bacon directly in their mailboxes once a month, as well as a stylish black T-shirt that reads 'Bacon is Meat Candy.' Because yes."
— Jess Novak, Drink Editor

Harry and David Pears

"This is going to sound so silly, but last year I received a box of pears from Harry and David and it was the best thing ever. I'm a California girl, so my standards are pretty high, and these pears are the best I've had."

— Jess Chou, News Editor

Mast Brothers Chocolate Family Cookbook

"DO YOU SEE HOW GORGEOUS THE PHOTOS ARE? Also you can never go wrong with chocolate, so toss in a bar or two to complete the gift."

Jess Chou, News Editor

Garlic Prep and Store

"Garlic breath is one thing, but garlic hands? After peeling and chopping garlic, I hate it when my hands take on the garlicky odor. This tool helps to eliminate all of that because it does it all for you. Say goodbye to garlic-smelling fingers. Still working on a garlic breath eliminator!"

— Emily Jacobs, Recipe Editor

Chop and Prep Cutting Board

"I am a food safety nut and this eco-friendly bamboo cutting board comes with four interchangeable mats, which makes it easy to avoid cross-contamination. You can designate one mat each for beef, chicken, fish, and vegetables."

Emily Jacobs, Recipe Editor

Black + Blue Charcoal Filter

"Black + Blum 'Eau Good' charcoal filter water bottle. Know that someone who keeps buying water or reusing an old half-shabby bottle? This 27-ounce BPA-free charcoal-filter (yes, charcoal) bottle will make the perfect gift, and small talk subject. Japanese Binchotan active charcoal has been shown to reduce chlorine, add minerals to the water, and balance the pH. It might taking some time to get used to having a chunk of charcoal in your bottle, but I assure you, it will make water taste great anywhere you go! Get it for $25."

Elsa Säätelä, Travel Editor

Rescue Chocolate

"Who doesn't get happy when opening a package filled with chocolate? Nobody (well, almost)! But swap the plain-old chocolate truffles for Rescue Chocolate's organic and fair-trade delicious vegan chocolate. Hand-crafted in Brooklyn, N.Y., these chocolates also come with a good cause: 100 percent of the net profits from each chocolate purchase is donated to an animal rescue organization. I'd recommend the "4 Paw Collection" with four different flavored bars (with cute names): Peanut Butter Pit Bull, Forever Mocha, Foster-iffic Peppermint, and Pick Me! Pepper, sold for $25."

— Elsa Säätelä, Travel Editor

'Doctor Who' TARDIS Tea Pot

"Because tea and Doctor Who are both awesome and British, and the two of them together is the most awesomely British thing ever. That and Yorkshire pudding."

— Dan Myers, Eat/Dine Editor

Snake River Farms

"Snake River Farms will ship meat that you'd ordinarily find in only the highest-end restaurants — American Wagyu and Kurobuta pork — directly to your door. It's pricey, as you might expect, but this really is most likely the highest-quality meat you'll find anywhere. They'll send you individual steaks as well as whole roasts, as well as a few specialties like tri-tip and pork collars. They also make world-class hams in various sizes, as well as bacon, tallow, salts, and carving sets."

 Dan Myers, Eat/Dine Editor

Breville Die-Cast Citrus Juice Press

"If you're somebody who loves orange juice or grapefruit juice, or heck is just addicted to citrus, you're going to love the Breville Die-Cast Citrus Juice Press. At $200 it's not cheap, so if you're not serious about citrus, think twice. Me? I got addicted to freshly squeezed grapefruit juice, and I don't know where you live, but I imagine that it's the same there as it is where I live: the stuff's expensive. So this machine actually has saved me money since last Christmas when we got it. It's sturdy, powerful, fairly easy to clean, and very straightforward to use."

Arthur Bovino, Executive Editor

Breville Juice Fountain ® Plus

"Less expensive and a little more involved in terms of cleaning than the Breville Die-Cast Citrus Juice Press, but more versatile, the Breville Juice Fountain  Plus is powerful and efficient, pulverizing your fruits and vegetables in seconds. Just don't forget to make sure that the 2.5-liter pulp container is in place before you turn it on. Trust me, you don't want to have to clean up the mess."

Arthur Bovino, Executive Editor

Faux Slate Cheese Board

"When it comes to the home, I am all about the aesthetics. If you want your kitchen to pop, you have to check out Q Squared. They are full of chic, simple designs that really make a statement. I am obsessed with their bowl sets and particularly swoon for their faux slate cheese board. In fact, both are on my wish list!"

Lauren Gordon, Entertain Editor

Poppin Serving Trays

"If you want to play hostess, you need a fancy serving tray. This simple, affordable tray can work as a gorgeous accent to your table or serve as a functional party piece."

Lauren Gordon, Entertain Editor

Woodzee Sunglasses

"These Robert Mondavi Private Selection sunglasses were designed by Woodzee and are made of recycled Robert Mondavi Private Selection's Coastal Crush wine barrels. They're a unique and fun gift for wine lovers. Available on for $120."

Jane Bruce, Photo Editor

Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Holiday Pint Collection

"As an Ohio native, I love to give gifts from where I'm from. The flavors in the Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Holiday Pint Collections are unique and seasonal, so get them while you can."

Jane Bruce, Photo Editor

Ole Smoky Tennessee Apple Pie Moonshine

"Don't let the fact that this is 'moonshine' scare you away. It's actually a low-proof, delicious spirit that's a great addition to warm holiday beverages, like The Gobbler."

Carly Goldsmith, Copy Editor

Beecher's Handmade Cheese Seasonal Cheese Club

"A selection of delicious cheeses delivered to your door each month? Yes, please! Each month three seasonal cheeses will arrive at your doorstep, complete with wine pairing suggestions and delicious accompaniments."

Carly Goldsmith, Copy Editor