Christmas Gifts for the Critic (Slideshow)

Give them what they really need with advice from the experts

Saveur Magazine Subscription

For your critic to really be in the know, pick up a copy of Saveur magazine! A subscription for a year will be a gift that keeps on giving!

Price: $19.95 for one year

Recommended by Cathleya Schroeckenstein, editor-in-chief, WeddingBee

Artisanal Coffee of the Month


Gift your connoisseur a variety of tastes so they can expand their horizons. The Dean & DeLuca  exclusive gives the gift of a three-month, six-month, or full-year program, and a new blend or varietal will appear to their door every 30 days or so!

Price: Varies via Dean & DeLuca

Recommended by Robin Zachary, contributing home editor, Bridal Guide Magazine

Fruute Gift Baskets

There's a variety of flavors to choose from, so give your critic a delicious holiday basic they will adore. With several price points and selections, you can satisfy their sweet tooth and give them some food for thought.

Price: Varies via Fruute

Recommended by Vané Broussard, editor, Brooklyn Bride LLC

Cheese of the Month Club


People often joke about this gift, but to an at-home food critic this is a delicious gift that constantly tests their ever-curious palate. You can choose a variety of styles and flavors that will excite your wannabe cheesemonger.

Price: Varies via Cheese of the Month Club

Recommended by Jessica Bishop, founder/editor, The Budget Savvy Bride

Best Food Writing 2013

Any real wannabe food critic will tell you all of their own favorite restaurant reviews and food musings at the drop of a hat. Gift them this collection in a nifty keepsake book so they can beef up their own critic skills.

Price: $12.60 via Amazon

Recommended by Marisa LaScala, articles editor, Westchester Magazine

Pick-Your-Own Five-Pack

Though it may be cold outside, a hungry palate is a hungry palate. Put it to the test by picking out five fun flavors for your food lover to try!

Price: $65 via Salt and Straw

Recommended by Patricia Handschiegel, founder and CEO, Condiment Media Company

Chocolate Editions

Variety doesn’t necessarily mean an uber-expensive or bulky gift! Give your critic variety with this multi-flavored chocolate bar!
Price: $10 via Chocolate Editions

Recommended by Erin Hiemstra, founder, Apartment 34

Mrs. Prindables Grand Signature Basket

If decadence is something your critic longs for, give them this super delicious, super chocolaty gift basket. They will fall in love with each bite.

Price: $69.95 via Mrs. Prindables

Recommended by Debbie, founder, Wedding Thingz

Gift Certificate to Eataly Gourmet Italian Market

In truth, if you are giving a gift to someone who is particular about their food, it can be rather tough. Have them choose their own food adventure with this gift certificate, redeemable in person or online, so they can have a vast array of Italian eats at their fingertips!

Price: Varies via Eataly

Recommended by Larry Scott, Lawrence Scott Events

Cheese Tasting Kit

Not only will your connoisseur get the opportunity to try cheese, but they will also get to make them! With this state-of-the-art kit, all your critic needs are a few fresh ingredients to make and enjoy truly artisanal bites. 

Price: $49.95 via Williams-Sonoma

Recommended by Candice Coppola, owner and creator, Jubilee Events 

'Plats Du Jour'

Share the love of fine French food with this admirable novel recounting the tale of two English women who knew how to cook and how to eat!

Price: $19.35 via Amazon

Recommended by Kimberley Petyt, The Paris Wedding and Parisian Events