Cardi B Educates America on ‘Okurr’ in New Pepsi Ad

cardi b pepsi
Quinn Gravier / Goodby Silverstein & Partners, for Pepsi

Cardi B’s newest Pepsi ad is a lesson in the lingo she uses that has long confused some of America.

Cardi B recently starred in Pepsi’s Super Bowl ad, but the brand relationship is not stopping there. The “Money” singer is also the star of another Pepsi commercial set to air during the 61st annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 10, and it’s a 30-second education on the lingo of Cardi B.

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“Is Pepsi OK?” a waitress asks a customer who orders a Coke. “Did you just ask if Pepsi okurr?” questions Cardi, who is decked out in a bedazzled jacket and sitting in the average-looking American diner with the rest of its patrons.

“Excuse me?” the waitress asks her. “Of course, Pepsi is okurr,” Cardi B states. Prompting everyone around her to be like, “What the heck is she saying?”

“Okurr” is Cardi B’s new trademark way of saying “OK.” While she may have been the reason the lingo went viral, the tongue rolling affirmation can actually be attributed to drag culture — most notably drag culture within the black queer community.

The half-minute spot is sweet and silly, and not too far off from reality. Cardi does dine at average American diners such as Waffle House and even once spent $64 balling out on their reasonably priced menu items.

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