Calories Buddy the Elf Eats (Slideshow)

And you thought your Thanksgiving plate was bad...

Coca Cola (2 Liters)

Just before dinner with his new family, Buddy downs an entire 2-liter bottle of Coca-Cola. This calorie-laden, sugar-filled drink costs Buddy 840 calories in one day!



Cooked spaghetti seems to be a favorite of Buddy’s, since he eats it in the early morning and for dinner. We figure he eats about 1 cup per meal, bringing his calorie count for spaghetti to 442 calories a day!

Cotton Balls


Calorie wise, cotton balls are the best choice Buddy makes all day. Zero calories!

Hot Cocoa


Nothing warms Buddy’s heart quite like a hot cup of cocoa. We figure that the elf enjoys this delicacy at least three times a day, with every meal (plus all the times he calls on cocoa for a special occasion like hand-holding). If this is true, Buddy consumes roughly 654 calories of cocoa a day.



Buddy uses mini-marshmallows as a topping for his cocoa and his breakfast, but we can’t judge exactly how much since it seems that he just grabs a handful and piles it on. So we'll estimate that with his mini-marshmallow consumption, Buddy tacks on 100 calories to his day. 

Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

Say that for breakfast, Buddy gets a hankering for an entire bottle of chocolate syrup (consider the source). If he does decide to do this and chooses Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, he will consume 1,700 calories just by merely drizzling the decadent syrup all over his plate.

Chocolate Fudge Pop-Tarts

Pretty much the only legitimate breakfast food Buddy eats are Pop-Tarts. The problem is, his favorite is chocolate fudge and that contains 400 calories in one lonely package!


Candy is part of the essential elf diet, and Buddy knows how important it is to get all of your daily nutrients. But when he eats even one package of M&M’s, he adds on 240 calories to his count.

Roll of Toll House Cookie Dough

Eating a roll of Toll House cookie dough is on the to-do list of spending time with his newly found father. Should he actually do it, with a serving size of about 24 cookies in one roll, Buddy will add  approximately 2,880 calories to his plate.

Maple Syrup


Buddy’s absolute favorite thing is maple syrup and he eats massive quantities of it each day. Assuming he eats at least a whole cup of syrup a day, he consumes 819 calories per 1 cup of syrup daily.