Blake Lively Wants To Raise A 'Chef Baby'

Blake Lively appeared on Live With Kelly and Ryan to promote her new film All I See Is You. The 30-year-old spoke about the tenth anniversary of her big break on Gossip Girl and her two young daughters, Ines and James.

While Ryan Seacrest has no offspring, Kelly Ripa connected with Lively on how much easier it's been to take care of a second child after the first pregnancy. One-year-old Ines sleeps soundly through the night, and she's also an adventurous eater.

"She just came out of the womb just like a little foodie," Lively said. "We're always like 'What's your signature special?' Because she's always reaching for just anything."

Seacrest admits that when he does have kids, he wants them to be able to eat the things he's interested in eating as an adult. Lively and Ripa both explained that most kids will try just about anything until they hit age three, when all they want are "beige foods" — such as chicken fingers and French fries.

"The khaki foods," Seacrest replied.

A fussy appetite won't stop Lively from training her kids in the kitchen.

"I'm like the parent of an Olympian, except I want a chef baby," she joked, comparing herself to Auguste Gusteau — the Italian ghost in Ratatouille who inspires Remy to fulfill his dream of becoming a great cook.

Ripa rags on the Pixar film, claiming that it drove viewers to eat more vegetables made by a "fancy French chef," although the movie was merely about "a rat in a kitchen."

Lively combats her statement, citing an experience she had at a café in Paris — a rat ran through the eatery and instead of turning her nose, she welcomed its presence.

"Remy!" she exclaimed with a smile and outreached arms.

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