9 Foods That Will Dehydrate You (Slideshow)


Drinking alcohol may satiate some thirsts, but it definitely will not keep you hydrated. Alcohol is a diuretic, making you urinate more frequently — you know the saying "break the seal"? Drinking too much can lead to a massive hangover headache — especially if you get sick from too much alcohol consumption. 

White Asparagus

Loaded with aspartic acid, this particular type of asparagus stimulates renal activity, causing dehydration.

Cured Meats

We all enjoy a few nibbles of cured meats, especially around the holidays, but be sure to consume an equal amount of water alongside your meat. Not only is a high protein intake a cause of dehydration, but the salt in cured meats specifically can dry your body out quickly. 


There has been a ton of debate around the subject of coffee actually dehydrating you. While a cup of joe a day won't harm you, if you are a coffee addict, you might want to balance out your consumption with a ton of water. Not only is coffee a diuretic, but its caffeine could aid in speeding up dehydration, too. 

Soy Sauce

We all know that soy sauce is salty, but did you know that too much of it could be deadly? In June 2013, a young teen guzzled about a quart of soy sauce and nearly died from an electrolyte imbalance called hypernatremia, which occurs in dehydrated seafarers when they run out of fresh water. While you aren't going to down a quart of soy sauce (...right?), using it frequently can cause mild dehydration. 

Bouillon Cubes

Great for making flavorful soup, bouillon cubes may seem like an innocent ingredient at first glance. But with a deeper look at their nutrition labels, you will see an alarming amount of salt that could contribute to dehydration.


A trip to the movies could leave you as dry as the Sahara Desert. Movie-theater popcorn contains roughly 550 milligrams of sodium in a small size. Combine that with the artificially sweetened soda you're downing and you'll be rushing for a water fountain before the credits finish rolling. 

Fried Foods

It is no secret that fried foods aren't good for you — just consider this another reason you should avoid them. Consuming too many fried foods can dehydrate you, as many fried and processed foods contain a hidden amount of salt, causing you to easily go over the 1/2 teaspoon daily salt intake recommendation.

Sugary Drinks

Drinks high in sugar create an acidic environment in the body, impeding enzyme function and straining the kidneys. This basically means that while sugary drinks may quench your thirst initially, the sugars and artificial sugars are siphoning out your body's water storage by making your organs work harder to process them.