8 Tips For Bringing A Date To A NYE Party (Slideshow)

I would say stay away from anything that has a lot of family involved as it's probably too soon to meet family, and I would stay away from anything that you know is going to be crazy or out of hand. I'm not suggesting you go for a "boring" party, but if this is the first time you're meeting you want to be able to get to know this person a bit, and some parties might make that hard (loud music, too much alcohol...).

The Big No-No’s

Don't abandon your date. While it's fine to mix and mingle and even spend a bit of time apart at a party or gathering, make sure your date is comfortable before you go talk to someone else. Check in with him or her:

"Are you alright if I go hang with the boys for a moment?"

"I'm going up to the bar, do you want another drink?"

 "I'll be right back, I'm just heading to the restroom."

You never want your date to wonder where you are and always see your date home.

Introducing Your Date

Remember to introduce your date to people who say hi to you. When you introduce your date, tell your friend a little bit about him or her, either how you met, where your date works, or interests he or she has. 

Make Them Comfortable

Be sure to give your date a heads up about the evening so they can plan. Will you be taking care of expenses? What should he or she wear? What's the plan for the evening? Asking your date if there is anything special about New Years that they want to experience is always considerate. 

Limit the ‘Socializing’

Some people like to bounce around to different parties, events and gatherings, others prefer to just stay in one spot. My only caution would be not to plan too many party hops as it might be a lot of traveling around rather than partying and enjoying time with your date.

A Tipsy Date

Do the best you can offering food, stepping outside for some fresh air, taking a seat for a bit, and switching to water. If you feel unsafe, it's ok to excuse yourself from the date. If you think your date should go home, then arrange to see him or her all the way to their door, don't just put them in a cab and send them on their way.

Bringing Your Date’s Friends

You don't bring a friend on a date. And don't surprise the host with extra guests. It's ok to ask a host who is a good friend, though, if you can bring an extra guest so your date will feel more comfortable.

A Kiss at Midnight

NYE kisses are a fun tradition, be sure to be near someone you feel comfortable with kissing. If it is a first kiss, which could be quite special, you'll know the way we all just know, that a kiss is going to happen, so be sure to give your date the chance if it's what you want. For friends or if you aren't on a date typically these are sweet kisses for fun to ring in the new year, so if it's a close friend, don't use tongue.