8 Party Foods That Give You Heartburn (Slideshow)

Unfortunately, most party foods are just high in fat. Pizzas, burgers, and fried delights are all literally dripping in fat content. The key here is portion control, as the National Heartburn Alliance suggests, especially since foods can make heartburn sufferers react in such different ways!

Fried Food

Chicken wings, french fries, and even donuts can all trigger horrid heartburn due to their high fat content. Try picking the skin off the wings to save yourself some grief while socializing at your party.


While chocolate is known to lift your mood and enhance any party (or really, any life activity), if you are feeling the burn, try to avoid noshing on it. After all, chocolate contains caffeine and fat, which are both said to cause heartburn.


Oftentimes hosts graciously leave out a bowl of mints to allow you to be a little less self-conscious while socializing. However, mint also relaxes the esophageal sphincter, which will allow that pesky reflux to sneak up and attack!


Remember how putting pressure on the esophageal sphincter can make the muscle relax and cause heartburn? Well, the carbonation in beverages like soda can pile on the pressure. Plus they contain caffeine and are fairly acidic, which are all factors that play into increasing heartburn. If you can't avoid soda at the party, try at least opting for the caffeine-free option to give yourself some relief.

Spicy Food

Ever hear the old expression "you can't fight fire with fire?" Well, you may want to put those jalapeƱos down. Spicy food can directly impact the acid levels in your stomach, weakening the muscle valve that causes the burning sensation in your chest.


If you happen to have a hearty pasta dish doused in marinara sauce or even a caprese salad at the party, you may want to pass over it. While tomatoes are very healthy, they are not easy on a heartburn-prone stomach. With high acidity levels, tomatoes could cause quite an upset later on in the evening.