8 Magical Christmas Cakes (Slideshow)

The holidays just got a little sweeter

Hot Cocoa Cake

This cake looks good enough to drink. Nothing says Christmas quite like a warm cup of cocoa while you're tearing open Christmas presents!

North Pole Birthday

Born on Christmas Day, the lucky recipient of this cute cake from Whipped Bakeshop was celebrating their very first birthday. Coolest birthday (cake) ever? We think so!

Oh, Christmas Tree!

How lovely — and delicious — are thy branches? This cute confection is a delicious ode to the tree in your living room and was probably even more fun to decorate!

Edible Ornaments

Don’t accidentally hang these on the tree! We love these adorable Christmas ornaments from Big City Pops and feel they can fit the theme of any Christmas party.

Chimney Sweep

As the children are snug in their beds, Santa is sneaking down the literal and confectionary chimney to bring tidings of a truly sweet holiday.

Christmas Gifts

These are the types of presents we love to unwrap! Christmas just got a little sweeter thanks to these amazing "presents" from Design Cakes.

Gingerbread Man

Looking like it popped right out of Candyland, this super Christmas cake from Gimme Some Sugar is a great homage to the fun holiday!

Holly Cake

If you associate Christmas with a winter wonderland, this Pink Cake Box cake is a gorgeous interpretation. By gosh and by golly this mistletoe and holly cake is perfect for the holiday!