7 Specials That Celebrate Hanukkah (Slideshow)

Dreidel, Dreidel on 'South Park'

Does it get any more classic than South Park's dreidel song? One of their more wholesome skits, South Park's ode to the fun game is one of the best Hanukkah specials on TV, and is loaded with hilarious food and cultural references.  

Shalom Sesame

Poor Grover is a terrible waiter, but he sure loves serving his favorite grumpy customer latkes for Hanukkah! In this episode of Sesame Street, the gang meets on the street to find a missing menorah and teach kids about the culture of Hanukkah.


Hooray for interfaith holidays! Who didn't love The O.C.'s amazing reveal of the celebration of Chrismukkah? In the Cohen house, you never have to choose between a candy cane and a menorah?  

'8 Crazy Nights'

Adam Sandler is no stranger to making the celebration of Hanukkah noticed. With his movie 8 Crazy Nights, we get a ton of culturally blended, hilarious scenes. In true Sandler style, there is a montage of dark comedy at the mall with a ton of food court characters who come to life to give the main character, Davey, a talking to after some heinous behavior.

'The Nanny' Hanukkah Special

After years of helping the Sheffields take care of their family, the Nanny named Fran finally gets to marry the man she loved. It is their first Hanukkah as a married couple, and Max had to travel for work. The episode recalls some of Fran's favorite Hanukkah memories, including making and eating many latkes with the family.

'Rugrats' Hanukkah

The pesky playpen rebels learn the meaning of Hanukkah from Tommy Pickles' Bubbe. We especially love the scene where they are trying eat a dreidel and chocolate coins while watching Tommy's mom make latkes for the first time!

The Hanukkah Song

Put on your yarmulke, it is time for Hanukkah! Adam Sandler's song is practically as much of a tradition as lighting the menorah. We love his references to all of the traditions and hilarious people who get to celebrate this awesome holiday.