7 Iconic Comic Foods in Honor of New York Comic Con (Slideshow)

Superheroes, supervillains, and the things they love to eat

Martian Manhunter

If you came from an alien race after losing your entire family to a martian holocaust, you might look for some comfort food, stat. Martian Manhunter may be a gritty cop by day and a martian superhero by night, but he just can’t get enough of Chocos (basically, Oreos) and is seen munching on his favorite food in several panels.  


This anti-hero character is famous for being forward and constantly breaking the fourth wall by addressing readers and acknowledging his silly antics. Another thing Deadpool isn’t shy about? His love of tacos and chimichangas. This superhero is always ordering the tasty Tex-Mex dish after kicking crime’s sorry butt!


Enemy to Spiderman, and by extension to the whole world, this creepy long-tongued creature has one craving. Your brain!


Being a super villain takes a lot of work. Wreaking havoc, plotting revenge, creating plans for world domination — you can’t imagine how much energy it takes. Maybe that is why the ultimate Marvel super villain Galactus is always looking to fuel up on sweet, unsuspecting planets.


The daughter of powerful magician Zatara, this power-wielding superheroine is one of the strongest magic-users in the DC Universe. When she isn’t trying to live up to her father’s reputation, she’s scarfing down tacos through the multiverse. 


Evidently, Kryptonite isn’t Superman’s only weakness. He has a huge soft spot for beef bourguignon with ketchup — especially when his lovely lady Lois Lane makes it for him. 

The Avengers

OK, granted that this love is a recent development, but we have to pause and appreciate of one of the comedic-relief scenes in the recent adaptation of The Avengers. After saving the world and witnessing an immeasurable amount of trauma, all the guys want to do is grab their first bite of shawarma.