Black Friday Brunch from 6 Cool Thanksgiving Leftovers Party Ideas Slideshow

6 Cool Thanksgiving Leftovers Party Ideas Slideshow

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Black Friday Brunch

For those who take their Christmas shopping seriously, the day after Thanksgiving is of utmost importance. They’re up at the crack of dawn to make sure they’re at stores' doors right as they open. But after six hours of shopping, they’re in dire need of refueling (and perhaps a bloody mary) come noon — brunch anyone? Invite all the shoppers back to your home for a midday respite and transform all your leftovers into brunch favorites, like pumpkin soupcranberry cream-cheese crostini, sweet potato quiche, and even a turkey salad with cranberries. Just be sure to greet guests at the door with cocktails in hand — bubbly topped off with a spoon of cranberry sauce.